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The Quilt Fest 2017 Brochure can be downloaded Here

Members make sure you know the discount code before registration. 
Select the picture or words of the different areas below to select classes, lunches, or retreat tables.


Corrections from Brochure to be aware of: 

  • Class #209 has the wrong class description, online is the corrected description.

  • Class #410 Wonky Rose Garden is on Friday Afternoon.
  • Class # 316 , price is wrong on registration page, it is $12 for members and $16 for non guild members, this is a team class. You need a partner and you each register for the class.
  • Price of the Opening Gala is $10.00 for everyone, no 25% off for members.  Guests are $10.

  • Opening Gala is #100, Mystery Quilt is #101.

  •  Cost for the Tuffet class is $48/$64. This is a 2 session class. Wed. Morning and Sat. Morning. This is correct in the class description but wrong on the printed registration form.

  • No Pictures are needed to be submitted for the Quilt Show.

  • On the registration page - price is lower for members,  higher price is for non guild members.

  • Page 13, lollypop guild - (volunteers) corrected email to contact is
  • Page 13,  Flying monkeys -(teachers pets)  corrected email to contact is
  • Welcome desk will open on Tuesday, September 19,  2:00 to 6:30

To register for Quilt Fest Classes:

  1. When registering for any class or lunch you must also purchase the Quilt Fest registration.   (You select Quilt Fest registration like a class, the first one at the top of the class list) This is a one time, NON-REFUNDABLE, attendee fee of $25.
  2. After selecting your classes, look at the list below and click on the class title you would like to purchase.  You will be taken to that class description page.  Classes are in Class Number Order, and are separated by the day of the Week.  Table rental and lunches are on separate pages and links below.
  3. On each class description page will be an "Add to Cart" button. Click on the "Add to Cart" button to purchase the class, lunch or retreat table. 
  4. If the class is full you will not be able to add it to your cart.
  5. After selecting all the classes you want, (remember lunches and retreat tables too), then go to the cart check out ( the cart will be on the top right side of any page you are on) Click  on "Proceed to Checkout". (you can select from multiple pages before checking out).
  6. MEMBERS: Click on the "Enter Coupon" line that is in your cart. It is at the bottom of the page, under the big green "Secure Checkout" button. Enter the Code you were emailed.  If you do not have the code please contact the Utah Quilt Guild Membership Chairman at, only current members will receive the code.  This code is what gives you 25% off all quilt Fest class and retreat table prices.  Do not share your code.  Those using a non-valid code will lose their spot in the class, and will need to pay the non-guild member prices. Join the guild before Quilt Fest Registration to avoid this problem. The membership link is below.
  7. Continue to follow the directions to pay for the Class, Lunch or Retreat Table.  We accept VISA and MasterCard.  The Guild does not keep this information. At check-out, you are on the bank’s secure website. 
  8. You can ADD classes at any time. Log into the system to add class, then notify the Registrar with your name so she can verify. Contact the Quilt Fest Registrar at
  9. To cancel a class you will need to contact the Quilt Fest Registrar at

 Members pay less for Quilt Fest Classes. If you are not a member, join the guild so you can get the best deals.
Click on "Membership", below.