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 2016 Quilt Fest Quilt Show Winners

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2014 Quilt Fest Quilt Show Winners

Best of Show 
"Celtic Cosmatti" by Sharon Aposhian Wright

Director's Choice
"Bellla, Bella" by Marie Haws

Chairperson's Choice
"Mariner's Compass" by Kathi Carter

Best Pieced - Champion

1st place - "Bethlehem Star" by Sherrie Chambers

2nd place - "Traditionally Pieced Courthouse Steps" by Linda Williams

Best Pieced - Challenger
1st place - "Fireworks, Explosion, Chaos" by Bea Kalasky
2nd place - "Diamonds That Shine" by Susan Moss

Best Hand Applique - Champion

1st place - "Vintage Valentine" by Karin Crawford
2nd place - "Millie's Garden" by Helen Butler

Best Hand Applique - Challenger
1st place - "My Legacy Quilt" by Nancy Allen
2nd place - "Symbols of Nipon" by Jacqueline Thompson

Best Machine Applique
Champion - "Bedazzled" by Susan Ford
Challenger - "Friends on Chelsea Lane" by Jo Anne Hawks

Best Mixed Technique - Champion

1st Place - "Lime Twist" by Donna Shipper Moyer
2nd Place - "Baltimore Bunnies" by Karin Crawford

Best Mixed Technique - Challenger
1st Place - "Black and White Dreams" by Karen Martin
2nd Place - "Queen of her Court" by Carol Sullivan

Best Embroidery
Champion - "Bird Watcher's Delight" by Susan Ford
Challenger - "My Flower Garden" by Charlotte Petersen

Best Art Innovative - Champion
"Planetary Puzzle" by Kathy A. Porter

Best Art Innovative - Challenger
1st place - "The Flower of Happiness" by Kathleen Baer
2nd place - "Sunflowers by the Fence" by Midje Kerr

Best Youth Group Quilt 14 & Under
1st place - "Summer Vacation" by Helen Raty

2nd place - "Blue Skys and Sunshine" by CharLee Todd

Best Youth Group Quilt 15 & Over
1st place - "Bella Tiles" by Ashley Mathis
2nd place - "The Debute" by Kaitlyn McNeely

Best Hand Quilting / Jean Christensen Founders Award

Champion - "Two Threads a Day" by Kayie Powers
Challenger - "Marie's Garden" by Debbie Black

Best Machine Quilting
Champion - "Homeward Bound" by Helen Butler
Challenger - "A Passion for Purple" by Ruth Davis

Best Miniature
Champion - "American Flag" by Cathie Cee

Judge's Choice
"Bird Watcher's Delight" by Susan Ford
"A Quilt to Make You Smile" by Kathy Souba
"Bentley's Promise" by Krisanne Watkins
"My Town" by Ruth P. Ewers
"Omega" by Cedar Hoover

National Teacher Choice
Mary Lou Weidman - "Clark at Huntsman #1" by Cindy Hutchison
Linda Ballard - "Match Point" by Marsha Ashby
Ami Simms - "Josephine's Symphony" by Josephine Keasler

Viewer's Choice
"Vintage Valentine" by Karin Crawford